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LOGIN2LIFE entering its Second Life Cycle!

Monday, August 29th, 2011 | Backstage, Common, Distribution, Finish | 3 Comments

Hey there everybody! As we’ve already announced in our last blogpost the film is finally finished. Phew and wow and yeah! Sooo much time but hey, we stuck to it and pulled it off…

And now, L2L is entering its next (second) cycle of life – distribution. Currently we’re heading for October 17th as a premiere date on ZDF, Second German Television, probably followed soon by ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Also, we submitted L2L to the Doc Leipzig and Sundance Filmfestivals and are tensly awaiting their decisions. Please keep all your real and virtual fingers crossed that we make it into the competition.

Furthermore, we’ve started our planning and schemeing about our possibilities of distributing the film to the rest of the world. Thoughts are flying around about whether we should go theatrical, television, online or direct to DVD marketing – or maybe all together???!!! From reading the comments we’re getting it seems you’re all eager to see the film. So any input you have on how YOU would like to get is appreciated by us. Go ahead and tell it straight to our virtual faces whether you’d prefer to go to a ‘cinema near you’ or rather be a couch potatoe and just watch it on your TV-sets or computer screens. We will try our best and utmost to deliver it any way you like it. In case you yourself have means of distribution, online or RL platforms to those means, or whatever else you believe could be helpful – just go right ahead and drop us a line…

Thanks for the support so far and keep coming back as we’ll keep you posted on the latest progress…

Best regards from all of the team! Stay tuned…

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Principal photography started!

Monday, May 31st, 2010 | Common, Team | No Comments
Daniel Moshel @ work

After more than two and a half years in the making, development and financing, principal photography of Login 2 Life has begun as of May 28th 2010. And you bet we’re happy to be able to finally announce this!

Daniel Moshel @ work

Currently, Daniel is travelling from Denmark to Sweden to do some filming with Kungen, the famous WoW gamer, who is one of our protagonists.  Kungen will be attending an E-Sports Event in Copenhagen and then he and Daniel will travel to Kungen’s home in Sweden, to get some insight into his life, his work and his daily doings in World of Warcraft. Soon after, Daniel will be travelling to the US to start filming our two main protagonists Alice and Corey.

Photography is scheduled to continue until September 2010. Immediately afterwards we will start postproduction. Login 2 Life is due to be released and broadcast on ZDF and ORF early in 2011 – and we sure hope you will be watching!

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Vote for ‘Login 2 Life’ @ ZDF ‘Bodybits’

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 | Common, Development, Team | 2 Comments

Bodybits” is an online call for proposals by ZDF’s Kleines Fernsehspiel in cooperation with Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin). We are looking for suggestions for documentary films which address our changing views and concepts of the human body in this digital world.

This is one of the most important blogentries of the production history of ‘Login 2 Life’. We entered the before-mentioned online proposal. Since last weekend the Voting started. 5 of the 120 projects will be fully funded ß-) This is the opportunity for us to get the professional means the doc is already waiting for several months.

They offer:

We are giving talented young artists the chance to realize a fully-funded film with editorial support with a duration of 45 to max. 60 minutes. Furthermore, every selected project will receive the support of a mentor who is an expert in the field and will personally accompany the project.

I count on you guys. You who visited our one year old blog regularly. This project went through more than two years of development. Please support our project in voting for us >>>here<<<<

Manual to vote for English speakers

For our English speakers worldwide: I am not sure if your browser will show you a translated version of this isolated ZDF site. So here a small manual how to find and vote for our ‘Login 2 Life’ documentary:

(The workaround describes beneath is not essential anymore because we found out how to jump directly to our project @ the isolated ZDF site.)

After visiting this link, please press the main navigation button ‘bodybits’. Here you you’re going to find the the button ‘Projekte scannen’ (see pic).

Then you’ll encounter this nice navigation:

Crawl through the stack of project cards till you find our nice cartoony thumb. After you enter our ‘Login 2 Life’ documentary you are able to vote. The premise is that you register. They are going to send you a confirmation e-mail with a password to log in (Be sure not two use a browser which suppresses pop ups. you won’t be able to complete registration). Don’t wait log in and give us *****!

After two days of being online there I realized that there are a lot voters who promote their own project and of course like on every other voting in this world, where you able to vote more than once, they try to make the rest of the projects low. I say we don’t have to use this nice means because we are just better and we’ve got plenty of supporters.-) So please go and vote like hell.

Thx in advance, I as the author and director of ‘Login 2 Life’ appreciate your help very much.


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Win two tickets for the ‘Login 2 Life’ Premiere!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 | Common, Development, Team | No Comments

In 2010, we suppose to release Login 2 Life in cinema. In filling out our short survey you can win 2 (of 6) tickets for the Login 2 Life Premiere. Beforehand we want to get to know you. Yes, we mean the guys crashing on our small blog. In our survey you find questions like:

  • How did you learn about the film Login 2 Life?
  • Which characters in our film do you like the most?
  • Do you play WoW or are you a citizen of SL??

Before you answer the questionnaire, please read the 1-Pager and/or watch the Trailer. The survey is completely anonymous. We don’t sell your data .-)
All information in the questionnaire is treated as confidential.

If you want to take part in our draw, please don’t forget to fill in your email at the end of our survey. You will be notified at the end of september 2009.

(Post blogentry update: You will be informed at the end of November because we’ll plan to ask some more communities before ending the survey. Sorry for the delay.)

We’re hoping to see you on the theatrical release of our film :-D

The Login 2 Life team

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Let’s Rock!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 | Backstage | No Comments

There we go, deadlines are closing in on us, thoughts are being squeezed through the bottleneck of production necessities, time is running short and THEY clearly outnumber us…    (whoever they are)

Just the way we like it!

No kidding, producing a movie ain’t no piece of cake, bro. Now this is it, the call for support – rally to the flag of Login 2 Life, ’cause we need all the help we can get. Spread the word, tell the story, add us to your list (only if it’s a favourable one of course), and do drop by again to get the news.

We’re gonna be at Berlin Film Festival aka Berlinale within the next 2 weeks to promote the movie, find b2b partnership and get it out there (eventually there will be a detailed report of the behind the scenes action and all the partying with Mr. Weinstein as soon as I got some time available to share it with you).

Btw, in case any reader of this (team-members excluded of course) should be up there and would like a meet-and-greet, just drop us a line, we’ll be there…

Keep your fingers crossed and your thumbs up! See ya…

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Be part of our documentary. Chapter II

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 | Cast, Common, Development | 3 Comments

We are widening our entering premises and still looking for a protagonist.

What, or rather who are we looking for now? This time it is very simple: A female or male person, who is strongly benefiting from his/her activities in a MMORPG and in Second Life for her/his real life- please be aware, the dual residence is NOT a must but we would appreciate if you are experienced in both worlds. 

If you can’t imagine now what we are searching, then let us give you few examples: For instance you got a real life job through engaging heavily in a MMORPG or in SL, or you are isolated in a special way and you keep in touch with other folks in participating on these upper mentioned platforms, or e.g. you are physically handicapped and you are enjoying synthetic social systems without stigma.

Short summary:

. Male/Female

. benefiting from MMORPG activities for your real life 

. solid experience within any MMORPG and/or SL

. time and interest to be part of the project and in front of a camera

. apply including short CV and a description about you

Curious? Or even interested? Please mail to: contact@login2life.net

For further information on the project, you can check out this site or go to the production company’s website. Feel free to leave comments and opinions…

So it seems we found our candidate. Thx for all the nice applications. If we haven’t answered your emails yet it is because a work avalanche hit us. Please don’t be angry we try our best to make it happend.

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5 international stops, one so called trailer and no report II

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 | Common | No Comments

This post extends this one.-)

So I arrived at the afternoon at JFK airport and rolled with my rental Corola to Jersey. On the other side of the Hudson river a delicious motel waited for me. I payed more than 100 bucks a day for an accommodation which would cost a third of the price somewhere else. So this was a warm welcome and introduction to the prices in Manhatten. Very excited about the fact being in NY I couldn’t get some rest and went at the same night for a small location scout for filming some B-role footage of the Manhatten skyline for the next morning. I got some average night shots of the skyline but everything paid off next morning when I filmed some decent “the early bird gets the worm” cloudy sun rise footage from the same spot in Jersey. Then I headed to Manhatten to meet Nate Taylor at his editing working suite at Crewcuts. Nate is a very talented director and editor. He edits upper league commercials for living and owns with friends a company named Full Stealth. This way he is able to direct his own stuff. Nate’s MMOvie Trailer was the reason for this trip. This Machinima film was created in World of Warcraft and it is so entertaining and funny that I wanted very hard to get acquainted to the makers of this clip. That’s the reason why I finally met Nate at the penthouse of Crewcuts. Nate didn’t have to much obligation on this day and so he granted me loads of time to ask silly question around him, his life as an director and gamer and of course about the making of “The MMOvie”. The company had a beautiful terrace with direct view towards the Chrysler building. This was the perfect location for an interview. At night “Gentle Nate” invited some friends who were involved in the professional creation of MMOvie. We spent a great time putting some situations “in scene” which happend during the shoot of the beforementioned machinma. Nate and his team work at the moment on Nate’s first feature live action movie called “Forgetting the Girl”. Due to the financial crisis in the states it is very hard for him closing the budget but he is looking forward to start shooting during spring time in 2009 (no matter how much money he is able to rise). Thumbs up to you Nate. I hope everythig works out for you. 

After I left Nate I realized that my Corola was torn away. So I got aquatinted to load of bureaucracy in the NYC police department. On next day I shot some more B-role footage of stereotype places of NYC (5th ave, Central station, subway and so on), then headed to JFK, in between I enjoyed a delicious carot vanilla sour cream cake (I forgot how this thing is named, so please let me kno and comment) in Brookyn and finally took my plane to Denver, Colorado. There I met one of the most impressive people of my whole Life. But this I’ll post in my next blog entry.

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5 int’l stops, one so called trailer and no report.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 | Backstage, Cast, Development | 1 Comment

After I injured my knee 3 days ago, I now have time to lean back (right now I do this in the hospital awaiting my upcoming operation) and write something about the shooting background. But first of all I have to state that everyone featured in the trailer was extremely kind and positive concerning my attack on their private life. Everyone confronted me with the say “Come over, it will be fun!” So I did. The first stop in the two weeks of shoot time was Berlin. There I encountered Jaynine Scarborough aka Juliane Gabriel. She is a pretty good musician inworld as well as in rl. She teaches young Berlins in singing, and this she does in her cosy home pretty expressive. It is fun watching her falling completely in immersion when she enforces her pupils to give their best and thus pushing their limits. From Jazz, over Pop, Folklore to Classic, her courses are not genre specific. She is able to teach and perform everything. So in my opinion she is excellent because she puts all her heart into it. 

In SL she runs a beautiful big garden named Thousand Rooms. That is why we attended for an interview the garden of the beautiful Max Liebermann House at Berlin’s Wannsee. The Food of the Spanish restaurant she showed my wife and me was absolutely fantastic (@Juliane:please leave a comment with the name and location of this fabulous place!). 

It was pretty exciting for me to see how Jaynine got one rl performance booking through her activism in SL. For me this was a nice example how SL and rl is woven together. (Ok, now I just exited the operation room. My head is still dizzy from the spinal injection. So please excuse me if the text seems a bit confusing). 

On the day of my departure back to Vienna I spontaneously met Jan and Tobias from ‘You in 3D’.  If you are looking for a perfect representation of you, your business, or whatever in SL (or even better in virtual Berlin), here you find some pretty amazing guys who make anything possible you even can’t imagine. But they do more than just business in SL, they are enriching the cultural life of Berlin as well as in SL in organizing loads of events and programs, also intermixing all levels of perception possibilities.  I was pretty amazed by her office. Mainly it is divided into two rooms: The first room looks pretty neat with oversized printouts of virtual Berlin plastering the walls. Here Tobias team are representing almost a white collar image. If you step through the narrow gangway to Jan’s working place you are entering a world you thought it exists just in movies. But see for yourself.



Thank you Jan and Tobi for giving me spontaneous insights into your work and even more thank you for the great coffee and the shipping of my wife’s lost mobile phone!

All in all I shot 10 hours of footage in Berlin. After arriving back in Vienna angel Tom (my producer) gave me another 20 Tapes for the upcoming 9 days-trip to the States.  24 hours later I left to NYC. Nate Taylor and his MMOvie was the Focus of my trip to Manhattan. 

But this I’ll feature on my next L2L blog entry. My knee needs a little rest .-)

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Great People, Great Team!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 | Team | No Comments

Hello everybody, and welcome to this Blog from me personally and on behalf of the team – which brings me to my point right away.

One thing I was dying to post here is the fact that we’ve got a great crew working with us on the project. Not only is everybody highly motivated and working their a…. (oops) off to get and keep things moving, but almost all of them are award winners in their respective professions. Daniel, our director is, of course, winner of several awards as a filmmaker. Michael, maker of this very page, is… The producers are… hey, we’re a bunch of wiz-kids!

And so it is a very special honor for us to announce that Draxtor Depres (draxtor on this blog), our researcher, musician and editor in Second Life is designated as winner of the “Every Human has Rights”-Media Award by a Paris, France, based news agency. He will travel from Pacific Grove, California, to Paris December 6th to receive this award at a ceremony with former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Congratulations. We are so proud to have you onboard!

He is getting this award for his news reporting in Second Life and especially his “Virtual Guantanamo” story, which you can watch on YouTube. You can find more information about the Every Human has Rights-Award here.

And as much as I know about the Draxtor, it will not be the last award he wins! Keep on rockin’!

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