Be part of our documentary. Chapter II

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 | Cast, Common, Development

We are widening our entering premises and still looking for a protagonist.

What, or rather who are we looking for now? This time it is very simple: A female or male person, who is strongly benefiting from his/her activities in a MMORPG and in Second Life for her/his real life- please be aware, the dual residence is NOT a must but we would appreciate if you are experienced in both worlds. 

If you can’t imagine now what we are searching, then let us give you few examples: For instance you got a real life job through engaging heavily in a MMORPG or in SL, or you are isolated in a special way and you keep in touch with other folks in participating on these upper mentioned platforms, or e.g. you are physically handicapped and you are enjoying synthetic social systems without stigma.

Short summary:

. Male/Female

. benefiting from MMORPG activities for your real life 

. solid experience within any MMORPG and/or SL

. time and interest to be part of the project and in front of a camera

. apply including short CV and a description about you

Curious? Or even interested? Please mail to:

For further information on the project, you can check out this site or go to the production company’s website. Feel free to leave comments and opinions…

So it seems we found our candidate. Thx for all the nice applications. If we haven’t answered your emails yet it is because a work avalanche hit us. Please don’t be angry we try our best to make it happend.

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3 Comments to Be part of our documentary. Chapter II

22. December 2008

Dear webmasters,

you deleted my comment and this shows me directly, what type of website this is !

I easily can repeat my writing in english, too, but I bet you would delete it anyway !

This is not a true project to help handicapped people, it seems to be something commercial, only to fulfil the webmasters needs.

You did not understand a single word I wrote in german ? Fine ! Why you did not ask for an english version ?

Or can you simply not deal with critics ?

Well, perhaps somebody should throw with shoes after YOU, too, to wake you up ?

This website here is not what handicapped people need !

This is pure undelining of prejudices here !

Handicapped people should better stay at home and find virtual friends, instead of getting out and finding some REAL friends, that’s the main-essence of this project !

I wrote it before: I am multiple physically-handicapped, but that did not stop me of doing things, the “normal people” could do, too ! I ride motorbike and drive non-automatic-transmission car, unimpressed by my paralized feet. I graduated college and get a fulltime-job, even I was at dialysis-treatment and kidney-transplanted, taking loads of medicine now, including cortison.

I play Warcraft and Guild-Wars, yes, but it is only a game for me, not my life ! My char in WoW took me over a year to level 69, because I only play some few hours a week.

Please understand my bad feelings about this project, but you exactly support the typical view about handicapped-people, the media usually spreads in their reports: Cripples, stay at home, so nobody sees you in the real life ! That is so wrong ! NOBODY is forced to stay at home and depend on virtual friends !

Go out and find some friends of flesh and blood ! The only limit is your will to do things, nobody expects from you ! THAT will impress people, not building up a character to top-level in 4 weeks !

I expect you to delete my comment within 24-hours, but don’t think, I will let you go this cheap !

Face the fact that handicapped-people are not, what you want them to be !

If you are able to start a dialog about my opinions, well, you have my email and this forum, to discuss ! ….if you have the balls and brain enough, to do so !



Login 2 Life
22. December 2008

First of all: Your German comment was not deleted! We just updated the search profile. That’s why the blog entry was set to a older date and is now available in the archive (scroll down the blog an click on previous entries).
We didn’t intend to delete you very nice and useful comment. I would like to get in touch with you and talk personally with your point of view. Please feel free and leave your email at
I would appreciate it very much if I could use your input in develop story of our documentary. Thx in advance.
Daniel Moshel

Login 2 Life
22. December 2008

I just realized where to find your email. So I contact you tomorrow.
Looking forward to our conversation.

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