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Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 | Backstage

There we go, deadlines are closing in on us, thoughts are being squeezed through the bottleneck of production necessities, time is running short and THEY clearly outnumber us…    (whoever they are)

Just the way we like it!

No kidding, producing a movie ain’t no piece of cake, bro. Now this is it, the call for support – rally to the flag of Login 2 Life, ’cause we need all the help we can get. Spread the word, tell the story, add us to your list (only if it’s a favourable one of course), and do drop by again to get the news.

We’re gonna be at Berlin Film Festival aka Berlinale within the next 2 weeks to promote the movie, find b2b partnership and get it out there (eventually there will be a detailed report of the behind the scenes action and all the partying with Mr. Weinstein as soon as I got some time available to share it with you).

Btw, in case any reader of this (team-members excluded of course) should be up there and would like a meet-and-greet, just drop us a line, we’ll be there…

Keep your fingers crossed and your thumbs up! See ya…

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