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Great People, Great Team!

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 | Team | No Comments

Hello everybody, and welcome to this Blog from me personally and on behalf of the team – which brings me to my point right away.

One thing I was dying to post here is the fact that we’ve got a great crew working with us on the project. Not only is everybody highly motivated and working their a…. (oops) off to get and keep things moving, but almost all of them are award winners in their respective professions. Daniel, our director is, of course, winner of several awards as a filmmaker. Michael, maker of this very page, is… The producers are… hey, we’re a bunch of wiz-kids!

And so it is a very special honor for us to announce that Draxtor Depres (draxtor on this blog), our researcher, musician and editor in Second Life is designated as winner of the “Every Human has Rights”-Media Award by a Paris, France, based news agency. He will travel from Pacific Grove, California, to Paris December 6th to receive this award at a ceremony with former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Congratulations. We are so proud to have you onboard!

He is getting this award for his news reporting in Second Life and especially his “Virtual Guantanamo” story, which you can watch on YouTube. You can find more information about the Every Human has Rights-Award here.

And as much as I know about the Draxtor, it will not be the last award he wins! Keep on rockin’!

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