Gamescom is past…

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 | Backstage, Cast, Common | 3 Comments

…but effects the present .-) On Sunday evening I escaped completely exhausted from the Gamescom exhibition. After one Day of doing nothing (No not nothing: I jumped in a lake and I read my emails). I finally arrived back in the office. Now I am able to present some superb trophies from the great hunt. While the most people were equipped with NCSoft bags and inflatable Conan Swords, I managed to get the following stuff from there:

  • Convention exclusive figure ‘Questgiver Fleet Master Seahorn’
  • Blizzcon exclusive gift ‘Murloc Space Marine’ will be sold on ebay
  • An extraordinary autograph on my mousepad
  • I know already, what I am doing with all this stuff. Fleet Master Seahorn will be a gift for a special buddy who also is going to appear in our documentary but couldn’t attend as far as I know the Blizzcon (20000 guests got one of these there). The ‘Space Marine Murloc’ will be sold on ebay instead of accompanying my Deathknight Obagra on his adventures(/cry). Blizzards’ CEO Mike Morhaine told the audiences that this little nice digital pet is worth more than a small car. I need the money to cover the expenses in Cologne .-) So thanks to Blizzard for making this possible.

    The last and the third thing already decorates my bedroom walls. The mouse pad shows some autographs of the best WoW guild on our lovely Earth named ‘Ensidia’. And yes, there you can read a personal message from the most famous WoW player. But see yourself! By the way,  I don’t take any offers from other Daniels trying to obtain this piece of glamour ß-)

    The reason for my visit in Cologne was to film Ensidias appearance on the Gamescom. The Focus was on Scarab Lord ‘Kungen’ aka Thomas. Here I also made the acquaintance with Hans (liQ), Bernadette (Tjani), Phil (Mek, here a link to his Gamescom blogentry), Markus (Mackzter) and Max (Fenira). Hey, It was great fun working with you guys and also spending the Saturday evening in an amusement arcade (just imagine after being brain washed on the huge Gamescom). Big shout outs also to liQ. Thank you helping me arraning all the appointments and interviews. And thx to all you guys carrying arround my heavy camera stuff, so I could focus on filming you.

    My next Blogentry will show some pics of the Gamescom. Fist of all I have to ingest (the new trendy word for the good old word “capture”) the footage. So don’t hesitate to revisit L2L soon.

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    Be part of our documentary. Chapter II

    Thursday, January 1st, 2009 | Cast, Common, Development | 3 Comments

    We are widening our entering premises and still looking for a protagonist.

    What, or rather who are we looking for now? This time it is very simple: A female or male person, who is strongly benefiting from his/her activities in a MMORPG and in Second Life for her/his real life- please be aware, the dual residence is NOT a must but we would appreciate if you are experienced in both worlds. 

    If you can’t imagine now what we are searching, then let us give you few examples: For instance you got a real life job through engaging heavily in a MMORPG or in SL, or you are isolated in a special way and you keep in touch with other folks in participating on these upper mentioned platforms, or e.g. you are physically handicapped and you are enjoying synthetic social systems without stigma.

    Short summary:

    . Male/Female

    . benefiting from MMORPG activities for your real life 

    . solid experience within any MMORPG and/or SL

    . time and interest to be part of the project and in front of a camera

    . apply including short CV and a description about you

    Curious? Or even interested? Please mail to:

    For further information on the project, you can check out this site or go to the production company’s website. Feel free to leave comments and opinions…

    So it seems we found our candidate. Thx for all the nice applications. If we haven’t answered your emails yet it is because a work avalanche hit us. Please don’t be angry we try our best to make it happend.

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    Welcome WoW

    Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | Backstage, Common, Team | No Comments

    And welcome all you readers round the world. I’m Andreas “Greeki” Athanasiadis and I’m the World of Warcraft researcher in the team. Perhaps you know me from events or TV shows on GIGA, but I’m not here to tell you my vita. I’d like to tell you more about World of Warcraft and how we want to involve WoW in our documentary movie login2life.

    Today many shows or even serious newscasts try to shed a bad light on MMORPG’s. They say World of Warcraft makes you addicted, but seriously, can a game make YOU addicted? There must be more than that, and I can of course say that you could be addicted, but it’s not because it is WoW. The real reason is the social aspect of these games. It is about the tribute you get when you do something hard. You do as well have the feeling that you really made something. Many people including me can’t say that they are making something really cool in the real world and that is what we also want to feature in Login2Life. MMO’s can provide satisfaction, satisfaction which could not be achieved or not so easy in our real lifes. We all in the team think that MMO’s will be the future of gaming, but not only gaming, it will be also a part of our communication and life. My guiding principle for MMO’s is simple: Alone you are nothing, only together you could reach more than you ever imagine. This principle says nothing different than: You have to be SOCIAL. Imagine the whole world would be social and try to work together instead of against each other. I don’t want to say that MMO’s will make the world more social instantly, but everything counts and MMO’s will help us live together on this big planet.

    Now I have to stop dreaming and come back to reality. Perhaps you know it already but christmas is coming. (If you did not know get out and buy some presents for your friends :) ) Blizzard of course knows this and they implement this event into their game (There are many other events. Check this page) . So now we celebrate the Winter Veil Feast in Azeroth (The “Planet” in World of Warcraft is called Azeroth) and Greatfather Winter visits the capital citys of the Alliance and the Horde. I will show you more in my next blog, which will be online in a few days.

    PS: Today we are shooting some christmas scenes in WoW.

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