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5 international stops, one so called trailer and no report II

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This post extends this one.-)

So I arrived at the afternoon at JFK airport and rolled with my rental Corola to Jersey. On the other side of the Hudson river a delicious motel waited for me. I payed more than 100 bucks a day for an accommodation which would cost a third of the price somewhere else. So this was a warm welcome and introduction to the prices in Manhatten. Very excited about the fact being in NY I couldn’t get some rest and went at the same night for a small location scout for filming some B-role footage of the Manhatten skyline for the next morning. I got some average night shots of the skyline but everything paid off next morning when I filmed some decent “the early bird gets the worm” cloudy sun rise footage from the same spot in Jersey. Then I headed to Manhatten to meet Nate Taylor at his editing working suite at Crewcuts. Nate is a very talented director and editor. He edits upper league commercials for living and owns with friends a company named Full Stealth. This way he is able to direct his own stuff. Nate’s MMOvie Trailer was the reason for this trip. This Machinima film was created in World of Warcraft and it is so entertaining and funny that I wanted very hard to get acquainted to the makers of this clip. That’s the reason why I finally met Nate at the penthouse of Crewcuts. Nate didn’t have to much obligation on this day and so he granted me loads of time to ask silly question around him, his life as an director and gamer and of course about the making of “The MMOvie”. The company had a beautiful terrace with direct view towards the Chrysler building. This was the perfect location for an interview. At night “Gentle Nate” invited some friends who were involved in the professional creation of MMOvie. We spent a great time putting some situations “in scene” which happend during the shoot of the beforementioned machinma. Nate and his team work at the moment on Nate’s first feature live action movie called “Forgetting the Girl”. Due to the financial crisis in the states it is very hard for him closing the budget but he is looking forward to start shooting during spring time in 2009 (no matter how much money he is able to rise). Thumbs up to you Nate. I hope everythig works out for you. 

After I left Nate I realized that my Corola was torn away. So I got aquatinted to load of bureaucracy in the NYC police department. On next day I shot some more B-role footage of stereotype places of NYC (5th ave, Central station, subway and so on), then headed to JFK, in between I enjoyed a delicious carot vanilla sour cream cake (I forgot how this thing is named, so please let me kno and comment) in Brookyn and finally took my plane to Denver, Colorado. There I met one of the most impressive people of my whole Life. But this I’ll post in my next blog entry.

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