Daniel Moshel is a gamer and an award-winning director.
He was inspired to make this documentary by his personal experience. But this is about more than just gaming – this is about a new lifestyle, necessary for some, fun for most. Bits and pieces of digital life, glimpses linked within a larger network, a personal view of what drives the people behind the screen to live, love and do business in a virtual world.

Eidolon Entertainment [ ETYMOLOGY ]: ‘eidolon’ is one of the first words in ancient Greek describing the concept of ‘picture’ – something that cannot be touched, as it is simply a picture. As producers, we are focused on fictional and documentary feature films.

Login 2 Life is a project on the very edge of civilisation, documenting a lifestyle so entirely new, that few have managed to look beneath the surface of this emerging phenomenon. Is it merely a passing trend on the fringe of society or the dawning of a brave new world?

Title Login 2 Life
Genre Feature Documentary
Running Time 88 min.
Director, Writer Daniel Moshel
Music Bernhard Drax
Editor Karin Hammer
Production Manager Contessina Strasser
Coproducer Moshel Film
Commissioning Editors Lucas Schmidt (ZDF), Franz Grabner (ORF)
Produced by Thomas Strasser
Production Eidolon Entertainment
Gumpendorferstrasse 76
Austria – 1060 Vienna
+43 1 966 62 11
Supported by ZDF, ORF, RTR, Filmfund Vienna, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Salzburg, August Schram
Status Completed, available in long format (87 Min) and in short (56 Min), Subtitles in English, German, French and a German synced Version
Film Distribution Autlook Filmsales