Festival season starts with Fipa 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 | Distribution, Finish | 1 Comment

Our first festival invitation is announced:

We are happy to inform you that the program “Login 2 Life” has been selected for competition in the Creative documentaries section of the 25th FIPA, which will be held in Biarritz from January 23rd to 29th 2012.


Update: Now we received the screening times:

Screening with the jury: January the 27th – 20:15 – Auditorium (Bellevue).

Screening without the jury: January the 28th – 11:15 - Rhune 1 (Le Bellevue).

Accreditation here

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LOGIN2LIFE live show on ON3-Südwild

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 | Backstage, Common, Finish, Team | No Comments

On October, 21st Daniel was invited to join the German ON3 Südwild live Show in Graz, Austria. The moderators Andi Poll and Elisabeth Scharang q&a’ing our director about the Film.  The show features outtakes of the film and even a short live interview with our main doc char Gentle Heron.

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The day after the L2L Premiere on ZDF

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 | Distribution, Finish | 1 Comment


We got so much awesome feedback and we’d lke to thank our community so much. The film is discussed heavily in the online media right now. We got also got the feedback that the ZDF Servers are running hot in showing Login2Life. We don’t know exact streaming counts but we are in pole position concerning “most viewed”. I think this is a good sign. So if you want to watch the whole movie: Go here ZDF Mediathek. It is available for FREE till next Sunday 23rd Oct 2011. Further interesting links:

German radio station ON3 podcast featuring Bernhard Drax (music composer and machinimator of L2L) and Daniel.

Insightful interview about the film with director Daniel Moshel on betterverse.

German L2L review of the Stuttgarter Zeitung

German Playboard Magazine interview with our director.

ZDF LOGIN2LIFE trailer online promoting L2L premiere on the 17th, Oct midnight CEST. It’s the night between Monday and Tuesday .-)

Thursday, October 13th, 2011 | Common, Distribution, Finish | No Comments

ZDf Trailer (just for short time)

We just stumbled upon the fact that Das Kleine Fernsehspiel (ZDF the German broadcast Network) is promoting our film on their site. Usually they are not creating themselves trailers for the Films they are showing but in our case they made an exception because we didn’t have time yet to do so ourselves.-) Thx to Benjamin Gögge (who works for “Das kleine Fernsehspiel”)editing this nice insightful clip.  Check it out because they won’t promote it for a very long time.-)

Additionally today a German radio station interviewed our director Daniel Moshel about his characters  in L2L. If you want to listen to the Q&A conversation between Markus Köbnik and Daniel go here.

Bild 4

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Reviews incoming

Wednesday, October 5th, 2011 | Common, Distribution, Finish | No Comments

Like you hopefully know Login2Life will be screened the first time on Oct 17th Midnight CEST on the German ZDF channel. Beforehand we are glad to see that specialiced press is enjoying L2L. Here one excerpt from Rik Panganiban (

…Most importantly, the director Daniel Moshel refrained from portraying his subjects as freaks or clowns for the audience to laugh at.  Instead, he unpacks their motivations and desires in a way that pulls you into their story.  Watching a disabled man fighting in World of Warcraft with just his mouth, you can’t help but be thrilled when he bests his opponent and then taunts the other player about how he was “pwned by a cripple.”  Clearly Moshel has an affection for his subjects that comes through as he lets them tell their stories. …

What follows is a review from Tobias Heidemann for the gaming related site

… „LOGIN2LIFE“ verfolgt einen erfrischend unvoreingenommen Ansatz. Anders als vergleichbare Dokumentionen geht es Moshel nicht so sehr um die Konflikte, Widersprüche oder Grenzen zwischen Realität und virtueller Realität – „Login 2 Life“ stellt diese zwei Existenzen hingegen als eine einzige dar. Am Beispiel der portraitierten Menschen gelingt es Moshel die Mauer, die in manchen Köpfen noch immer existiert, einzureißen und das Leben in der digitalen Welt als ein sehr reales Geflecht aus Selbstverwirklichung, Phantasie und Wirtschaft darzustellen. …

Looking forward to post some more reviews here.-)

LOGIN2LIFE Machinima Preview

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 | Backstage, Finish, Team | No Comments

One of our featured characters in L2L is Olibith, the french machinimator.He created a nice video for our doc and it is just partly featured in the whole movie. Here you get a chance to watch it completlly for the first time. All WoW fans know how to deal with this. It takes a little bit of irony.-) Especially for our featured guild Ensidia.

YouTube Direct

LOGIN2LIFE entering its Second Life Cycle!

Monday, August 29th, 2011 | Backstage, Common, Distribution, Finish | 3 Comments

Hey there everybody! As we’ve already announced in our last blogpost the film is finally finished. Phew and wow and yeah! Sooo much time but hey, we stuck to it and pulled it off…

And now, L2L is entering its next (second) cycle of life – distribution. Currently we’re heading for October 17th as a premiere date on ZDF, Second German Television, probably followed soon by ORF, the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Also, we submitted L2L to the Doc Leipzig and Sundance Filmfestivals and are tensly awaiting their decisions. Please keep all your real and virtual fingers crossed that we make it into the competition.

Furthermore, we’ve started our planning and schemeing about our possibilities of distributing the film to the rest of the world. Thoughts are flying around about whether we should go theatrical, television, online or direct to DVD marketing – or maybe all together???!!! From reading the comments we’re getting it seems you’re all eager to see the film. So any input you have on how YOU would like to get is appreciated by us. Go ahead and tell it straight to our virtual faces whether you’d prefer to go to a ‘cinema near you’ or rather be a couch potatoe and just watch it on your TV-sets or computer screens. We will try our best and utmost to deliver it any way you like it. In case you yourself have means of distribution, online or RL platforms to those means, or whatever else you believe could be helpful – just go right ahead and drop us a line…

Thanks for the support so far and keep coming back as we’ll keep you posted on the latest progress…

Best regards from all of the team! Stay tuned…

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Friday, July 29th, 2011 | Backstage, Common, Finish | 4 Comments


Guess what?

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