Please vote for titels….NOT .-)

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Backstage, Development | 3 Comments

I played around with the titel animation sequence login2life several months ago. Recently I found it on my harddisk and added supersound to it. I thought I should give them an audience. When principal photography start in May this year we should reconsider our titel animation. Here you can see the way how it became what it became concerning the pre trailer.

1) Blade II poser very commercial style

2) LED trendy “not again” style

3) The modest ‘a bit more than Jim Jarmusch’ way

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Happy new year

Sunday, January 11th, 2009 | Backstage, Cast, Common, Development, Team | No Comments

So we are back again in our working seats. That means it is time o say thank you to all friends, teammates, documentary cast, old and new cooperation partners supporting us during the last year. We are really glad to announce that we have all ingredients together to assimilate a good story and you all made this possible. It just hast to be written on blank paper. So this will be the effort of the coming two months. We keep you updated.

Thx, thx and thx again.

The L2L Team

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Be part of our documentary. Chapter II

Thursday, January 1st, 2009 | Cast, Common, Development | 3 Comments

We are widening our entering premises and still looking for a protagonist.

What, or rather who are we looking for now? This time it is very simple: A female or male person, who is strongly benefiting from his/her activities in a MMORPG and in Second Life for her/his real life- please be aware, the dual residence is NOT a must but we would appreciate if you are experienced in both worlds. 

If you can’t imagine now what we are searching, then let us give you few examples: For instance you got a real life job through engaging heavily in a MMORPG or in SL, or you are isolated in a special way and you keep in touch with other folks in participating on these upper mentioned platforms, or e.g. you are physically handicapped and you are enjoying synthetic social systems without stigma.

Short summary:

. Male/Female

. benefiting from MMORPG activities for your real life 

. solid experience within any MMORPG and/or SL

. time and interest to be part of the project and in front of a camera

. apply including short CV and a description about you

Curious? Or even interested? Please mail to:

For further information on the project, you can check out this site or go to the production company’s website. Feel free to leave comments and opinions…

So it seems we found our candidate. Thx for all the nice applications. If we haven’t answered your emails yet it is because a work avalanche hit us. Please don’t be angry we try our best to make it happend.

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5 int’l stops, one so called trailer and no report.

Sunday, November 9th, 2008 | Backstage, Cast, Development | 1 Comment

After I injured my knee 3 days ago, I now have time to lean back (right now I do this in the hospital awaiting my upcoming operation) and write something about the shooting background. But first of all I have to state that everyone featured in the trailer was extremely kind and positive concerning my attack on their private life. Everyone confronted me with the say “Come over, it will be fun!” So I did. The first stop in the two weeks of shoot time was Berlin. There I encountered Jaynine Scarborough aka Juliane Gabriel. She is a pretty good musician inworld as well as in rl. She teaches young Berlins in singing, and this she does in her cosy home pretty expressive. It is fun watching her falling completely in immersion when she enforces her pupils to give their best and thus pushing their limits. From Jazz, over Pop, Folklore to Classic, her courses are not genre specific. She is able to teach and perform everything. So in my opinion she is excellent because she puts all her heart into it. 

In SL she runs a beautiful big garden named Thousand Rooms. That is why we attended for an interview the garden of the beautiful Max Liebermann House at Berlin’s Wannsee. The Food of the Spanish restaurant she showed my wife and me was absolutely fantastic (@Juliane:please leave a comment with the name and location of this fabulous place!). 

It was pretty exciting for me to see how Jaynine got one rl performance booking through her activism in SL. For me this was a nice example how SL and rl is woven together. (Ok, now I just exited the operation room. My head is still dizzy from the spinal injection. So please excuse me if the text seems a bit confusing). 

On the day of my departure back to Vienna I spontaneously met Jan and Tobias from ‘You in 3D’.  If you are looking for a perfect representation of you, your business, or whatever in SL (or even better in virtual Berlin), here you find some pretty amazing guys who make anything possible you even can’t imagine. But they do more than just business in SL, they are enriching the cultural life of Berlin as well as in SL in organizing loads of events and programs, also intermixing all levels of perception possibilities.  I was pretty amazed by her office. Mainly it is divided into two rooms: The first room looks pretty neat with oversized printouts of virtual Berlin plastering the walls. Here Tobias team are representing almost a white collar image. If you step through the narrow gangway to Jan’s working place you are entering a world you thought it exists just in movies. But see for yourself.



Thank you Jan and Tobi for giving me spontaneous insights into your work and even more thank you for the great coffee and the shipping of my wife’s lost mobile phone!

All in all I shot 10 hours of footage in Berlin. After arriving back in Vienna angel Tom (my producer) gave me another 20 Tapes for the upcoming 9 days-trip to the States.  24 hours later I left to NYC. Nate Taylor and his MMOvie was the Focus of my trip to Manhattan. 

But this I’ll feature on my next L2L blog entry. My knee needs a little rest .-)

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Four Stop Shop

Monday, October 6th, 2008 | Backstage, Development | No Comments

10 days, 4 cities, 2 intercontinental flights – filming the trailer has brought us to Berlin, New York, Denver, the Sunshine State of Florida and back to Vienna. We’ve talked to Jaynine, Full Stealth, Gentle and Stroker – thanks to all of you for your great hospitality – and we could get a sneak preview of what they are about.

Editing and finishing the trailer is in progress. Hours of real and virtual footage have to be cut down to those essential 2 minutes that are worth so much more than words – thanx to Stefan by the way for the great support and help. The trailer will be screened for the first time at the Docu Regio ‘08 pitch in France. And that’s coming up within a week – tight schedule, but that’s the way we like it.

…and of course we’ll also put the trailer up here a.s.a.p. :-)

We’ll keep you updated!


Thursday, September 25th, 2008 | Common, Development | No Comments

The project formerly known as “Homo Ludens Online” was renamed “Login2Life”

Mind you, that’s rather important news… ;-)

…also we have updated project information! Go to Treatment or just download Info-Folder (PDF) right here. We are in preproduction of the project’s trailer and preparing for the upcoming pitching session in October in France.