Please vote for titels….NOT .-)

Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Backstage, Development

I played around with the titel animation sequence login2life several months ago. Recently I found it on my harddisk and added supersound to it. I thought I should give them an audience. When principal photography start in May this year we should reconsider our titel animation. Here you can see the way how it became what it became concerning the pre trailer.

1) Blade II poser very commercial style

2) LED trendy “not again” style

3) The modest ‘a bit more than Jim Jarmusch’ way

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3 Comments to Please vote for titels….NOT .-)

23. January 2009

Daniel, i like all three, but the first one kicks butt, because the sound FX are just priceless! you are encroaching on my territory!!!

23. January 2009

Yeah, I’m trying my best. I like the fact that you see my sound design talent.

27. January 2009

yeah well I prefer the first one, even though it could be a bit more cinematic – no offense intended on the outrageous talent of course :-)

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