Q&A “DM and his phone” Bodybits@ZDF

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YouTube DirectQ&A Video Login 2 Life for Bodybits/ZDF

After doing doc research in US, I returned home and produced over a long weekend this answering clip for the online proposal of the German broadcaster ZDF.  It was shot in the nice coffee house (a train cabin named ‘Empire’ Coffee) in Chico, CA. Thx to the great staff there allowing me to disturb (in public hours) their guests.  We are among the 25 finalists of this Bodybits online proposal. On December, 12th this year we will know if the ‘das kleine Fernsehspiel’ decision makers like our project. For me it is an exciting time. Your previously given votes should convince them (because we finished as #1 in the voting) . Thank you. Meanwhile I hope you can enjoy our new developed phone interface.-) Please send us good vibes and thoughts.

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New One-Pager online. Read our L2L concept.

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Please, feel free to download our updated One Pager v2.0! Along the way check out our featured characters and the short summary of our story concept. Feedback very welcome.-)

Soon we intend to publish a short survey. Come back here and take part in the survey. Thus you can win a premiere ticket for Login2Life for 2010 ß-)

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