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RPC 2010

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RPC 2010 LARP rox

The bad volcanic cloud was almost responsible for the cancellation of the camera test in Cologne. Not only me but also Thomas Bengtsson an Mark Laursen from Ensidia couldn’t catch their flight. But I was the lucky one to get the last seat in a train to Cologne, so after a hot 8 hours 35° train ride I was able to join Liq and Protec from Ensidia at the RPC 2010. I was very happy to drink a cold beer with Hans after the odyssey. My Intention was to shoot Ensidia while  showraiding at the Buffed booth and test my new 5D Mark II camera setup. After few attempts Ensidia managed to kill the Lich King. Thus satisfying hundreds of spectators arround the buffed booth. It was a pity that Nessay and Kungen couldn’t join me but nevertheless it was a very nice experience to see the colorful community of roleplay @ the RPC (digital and analogue representatives) . Especially the LARP fans are very photogenic like you can see in the posted media.

After two days of shooting elves, orcs, jaggers, stromtroopers, raiders and interviews with Liq, Protec, Bernd Holtmann, Tyrania and many more I left the spot again in a crowded train to Vienna. The next trip was scheduled to Copenhagen and Gothenburg where I should shoot the private side of Thomas Bengtsson the most famous WoW player of all time. BTW: If you want to check out the German ZDF Blog entry in which I already write about the experience with our Swedish celebrity then go here. In few days you’ll find a short impressions clip and more pics of the RPC here. Be sure to revisit.

Thomas and his Gothenburg

Post edit: Here our cameratest.

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