L2L goes TIFF 2012 Cluj-Napoca

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Today Stephanie an me arrived here in Romania for the Transylvanian International Film Festival. Lionel, our son becomes 6 months tomorrow and this is the first plane ride for us three. All went well (no bytes yet.-). We got picked up at the airport and we were completely overwhelmed about the fact that they even thought of the child seat in the shuttle (which we can keep till the end of the trip). So a great welcome here in Cluj by the very well organised and gentle festival staff. The first impression of the town, especially the old town in which everything around TIFF takes place, is that it feels really cosy and charming. On our first walk through the town we liked the omnipresent posters of TIFF on which they have a bilingual festival say embedded, which reminds me of the Russian ferrytales my mother used to tell when I was a kid. It says:


Tomorrow I try to take a picture with my phone(here the promised pic).


Here the screening times of ‘Login2Life’ or in Romanian ‘A Doua Viaţă’. After the screening a Q & A follows (if the director shows up.-)

June 2, 7.45 pm
June 3, 12 pm

June 2nd 2012, 7.45 pm at Cinema Odeon 5 Cineplex Cluj-Napoca

June 3rd 2012, 12 pm at the beautiful Cinema Arta Cluj

Tickets here

Program and official TIFF Website here

Here a small post screening note: I have to compliment the Cluj audience. They showed up on midday thought 25°C and sunny conditions and then the Qs were the best I was ever asked after a L2L screening. Big props to you. Here some pics of the 1st Q&A (out of 2) and then much better of a very nice event which took place yesterday night: “Cine-concert Georges Méliès” outside of Cluj-Napoca (30km) in the yard of a wonderful ruined castle. All in all TIFF 2012 was one of the best fstivals I ever attended. Thx so much.


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L2L & Dracula

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Sorry for the pun, I couldn’t help it…

Seriously, we are delighted to announce, Login 2 Life has been invited to the Transsilvania International Filmfestival – in brief: TIFF!


So we are very much looking forward to visiting Romania and have already started to pack our garlic – sorry, I’ll stop it, I promise – and are ready to fly in at midnight – Duh. Also check out their wonderful line-up at their web presence @ http://www.tiff.ro/en

Soon to be told: the full behind-the-scene story of Daniel’s trip to INPUT 2012 in Down Under! Stay tuned…


LOGIN2LIFE screens in Lichter Filmfest FFM

Thursday, March 29th, 2012 by Login 2 Life | Distribution, Finish, festival | Add Comment

vimeo Direct

We are happy to announce that our documentary will be shown this weekend in Frankfurt on the Lichter Filmfest 2012.

Screening time and location / reserve tickets here (festival) of directly at the Mal Sehen Kino (Cinema):

Sunday the 1st of April18:00 – 19:30Mal Sehn Kino

Have fun watching it.

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Login 2 Life goes Australia @ Input 2012

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Hiyas dear readers of our blog. Great News again – after our invitation to FIPA Television Festival in Biarritz and our recent partnership with world sales agent Autlook Films we are glad to announce that ‘Login 2 Life’ has been selected to attend the Input 2012 International Television Program Conference in Sydney, Australia.

We feel privileged to have been selected for this conference of leading international broadcast professionals, creators and experts. Director Daniel Moshel will personally attend the event together with commissioning editor Lucas Schmidt – in case you’re there this will be your chance to meet the makers in person. The conference will take place from May 7th to May 11th in Sydney.

Check out the selection of programmes and more information on the INPUT homepage.

LOGIN2LIFE is distributed by Autlook Filmsales

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After the festival premiere in Biarritz, France we are now very happy to announce that our film joined one of the best documentary film distributor known on the international market (Thank you Pavel so much:-)


So if you or your sister are interested in our film for any purpose (TV broadcast, educational, festival, internet …) The wonderful guys and gals from Autlook Filmsales deal with all your requests. Right now we’re producing a 56 Minute Version of L2L to please all the TV stations round the world who are more interested in short docs than in long ones. It’s interesting that the ratio is devided up like this: 70% buy 60 minutes docs and the rest spend the time to play the long format too. Amazing, isn’t it? We hope that the impact on our doc will spread our flick round the globe. We keep you posted here, when L2L pops up somewhere near next to you. Let’s celebrate…

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A kind of ‘LOGIN2LIFE goes FIPA2012′ diary

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 by dmoshel | Distribution, Finish, festival | Add Comment


I arrived today afternoon in Biarritz. A decent wheather 13°C and a warm brise from the Atlantic ocean welcomed me here. It’s a pity that my producer colleagues from Eidolon Entertainment can’t join me here (thinking of you and sending you also some pics). For me it’s a strange feeling to return to Biarritz because the past three times when I was here the intention was surfing. Or better to say: Learning how to surf(Never managed to catch a damn wave in 7 weeks paddling .-)

So it is very odd to come here for presenting L2L. And it’s a great opportunity for us to start because I have to admit that the festival is bigger than I thought it is. They celebrate this year their 25th anniversary and you can see that they try to raise the flag high. Before I even managed to set a step on the ground in Biarritz I already met a filmaker from Israel (Naomi from Black Sheep) while waiting for the transfer flight in Paris who is also presenting a film here at the festival. After we were picked up gently at the Biarritz airport we directly received our ‘badge professionnel’ from wonderful organization team member Florence Girot in the picturesque festival headquarter at the Biarritz Casino (see pic in older post, wonderful view onto the beach, I can tell you). Then the eve came and I joined the opening ceremony in the Gare du Midi ( a cinema with more than 1500 seats). It was pretty stuffed with audience. They presented the key players of the festival and the jury of the competition program. I made a picture of the stage and of the face who is head of the ‘creative documentary’ competition section named Inês de Medeiros. So now I know where I have to send my prayers to.-) After this formal opening ceremony they really opened the festival with the interesting pilot (first episode of the suspenseful french series named ‘Homes de l’ombre’, content: after the assassination of the french president, the new elections are dependant on two rivals communication agents …)

After this full impact day I saved myself from extiction and I enjoyed a wonderful french dinner in the ‘Bar du Jardin’, which ended with my favourite dessert ‘creme brulle’ which is directly responseble for the fact that I’m sitting here after midnight and writing this nonesense. I hope I’ll be able to write more posts during my stay here. At least when we receive an award I’ll do this for sure:-)

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Festival season starts with Fipa 2012

Monday, January 2nd, 2012 by Login 2 Life | Distribution, Finish | 1 Comment

Our first festival invitation is announced:

We are happy to inform you that the program “Login 2 Life” has been selected for competition in the Creative documentaries section of the 25th FIPA, which will be held in Biarritz from January 23rd to 29th 2012.


Update: Now we received the screening times:

Screening with the jury: January the 27th – 20:15 – Auditorium (Bellevue).

Screening without the jury: January the 28th – 11:15 - Rhune 1 (Le Bellevue).

Accreditation here

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LOGIN2LIFE live show on ON3-Südwild

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On October, 21st Daniel was invited to join the German ON3 Südwild live Show in Graz, Austria. The moderators Andi Poll and Elisabeth Scharang q&a’ing our director about the Film.  The show features outtakes of the film and even a short live interview with our main doc char Gentle Heron.

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The day after the L2L Premiere on ZDF

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011 by Login 2 Life | Distribution, Finish | 1 Comment


We got so much awesome feedback and we’d lke to thank our community so much. The film is discussed heavily in the online media right now. We got also got the feedback that the ZDF Servers are running hot in showing Login2Life. We don’t know exact streaming counts but we are in pole position concerning “most viewed”. I think this is a good sign. So if you want to watch the whole movie: Go here ZDF Mediathek. It is available for FREE till next Sunday 23rd Oct 2011. Further interesting links:

German radio station ON3 podcast featuring Bernhard Drax (music composer and machinimator of L2L) and Daniel.

Insightful interview about the film with director Daniel Moshel on betterverse.

German L2L review of the Stuttgarter Zeitung

German Playboard Magazine interview with our director.

TAZ Interview with Alice Krueger

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Fresh. The TAZ interview with our main subject Gentle Heron. Go Here!

Menschen mit Behinderung können im Second Life all das tun, was ihnen im wirklichen Leben verwehrt bleibt. Alice Krueger hilft ihnen, sich in der virtuellen Realität zurechtzufinden.

Eingeloggt ins Leben
Menschen mit Behinderung können im Second Life all das tun, was ihnen im wirklichen Leben verwehrt bleibt. Alice Krueger hilft ihnen, sich in der virtuellen Realität zurechtzufinden.
VON MARLENE HALSEMenschen mit Behinderung können im Second Life all das tun, was ihnen im wirklichen Leben verwehrt bleibt. Alice Krueger hilft ihnen, sich in der virtuellen Realität zurechtzufinden

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