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Monday, September 26th, 2011 | Common

Having finished a movie seems like the end of a long road, but hell no it isn’t! Now is, when the work of promoting and distributing happens (also see our previous post). Hence, Monday September 12th, ZDF held a press conference to present their new shows for the ‘100% Leben’/'100% Life’ series, which Login 2 Life will open. Accordingly, we set up our servers and planned to be hosting Gentle Heron live via SL during the press conference. Claudia Tronnier, Lucas Schmidt, Christian Koch and Alexandra Brandmeier of ZDF were there in person together with director Daniel Moshel, Gentle was joined by Jaynine Scarborough, Draxtor Despres and almost 50 more online.

Much to our surprise, after showcasing a few minutes of the film, the questions of the journalists present on location quickly turned to very general remarks about virtual worlds and living. For some reason or other, they seemed more interested in the topics of the 2007 hype, than in those presented by the film. Addiction was mentioned as well as sensory comparisons between real and virtual life. Quickly a discussion seemed to flare up between those taking part in the real world and those in virtuality. Our podium could do little to answer such general issues but laboured to provide the visting press with all information they would want to know.

To us it felt strange being drawn into a discussion which is either too general or too specific in regards to our film, yet we are happy that the overall impression of Login 2 Life seemed to have been a positive one. We’re looking forward to October 17th when the film will go on air for the first time in German Television. Until then, we’ll keep you posted…

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