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Monday, May 9th, 2011 | Common

While L2L is edited – we are in the rough cut phase- the awesome Machinima team is working 24/7 on the inworld wow/sl clips. I am proud to say that on the World of Warcraft side we have three great machinimators in charge. Of course you should already know the French Olibith who is already part of our documentary. Then the Finish Baron Soosdoon joined the team. And last but not least Kilh (Daniel Ritthanondh )the German machinimator enhances the WoW side.

In SL I can proudly present the German Californian Draxtor Despres (Bernhard Drax) and his talented colleague Gianna Borgnine from the East Coast. So we try all our best to accerlate the storytelling in L2L. With this team we manover towards the end of production of our documentary. Less than two month to go. GOGOGOGOGOGO…..

Olibith is kicking his own ass

Draxtor’s ‘what am I doing right now’ video

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9. May 2011

Well hello there. I followed this project for more than a half year already and I’m glad to see some well known faces in the machinima world of warcraft team.

Is there, by any chance, still an open slot in this certain team available?

12. May 2011

I am really looking forward to the final product. I hope it has the emotional quality as the films that once dragged me into Second Life (Second Lives, Channel 4):
But given the team you have gathered, I am pretty confident :-)

Gromit Mayo
20. May 2011

See this Project 1st Time ‘couse SL posted it on Facebook.

As an SL Addicted i must say: i’m Loving it.

If you need any Support in the German SL Area pls sent me a NC ore a IM InWorld

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