this is the year!!! (belated wishes)

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It is late January 2009: Obama is in office, I am losing some weight, my son is getting smarter by the minute: good times! But most importantly: Daniel Moshel is hard at work on Login2Life treatment. The project is on track, my regular blogging is not, but what the hell: we are moving along swiftly with the main protagonist found, we are having ongoing discussions about the significance of virtual worlds and gaming, the future of communication in a networked world and how we want our project to reflect these developments, the tone, the style and yes, the distributionin foreign markets. May I be on record with (one of) my new years resolution(s): update the blog on a weekly basis, minimum. you heard it here first!


Happy new year

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So we are back again in our working seats. That means it is time o say thank you to all friends, teammates, documentary cast, old and new cooperation partners supporting us during the last year. We are really glad to announce that we have all ingredients together to assimilate a good story and you all made this possible. It just hast to be written on blank paper. So this will be the effort of the coming two months. We keep you updated.

Thx, thx and thx again.

The L2L Team

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Welcome WoW

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | Backstage, Common, Team | No Comments

And welcome all you readers round the world. I’m Andreas “Greeki” Athanasiadis and I’m the World of Warcraft researcher in the team. Perhaps you know me from events or TV shows on GIGA, but I’m not here to tell you my vita. I’d like to tell you more about World of Warcraft and how we want to involve WoW in our documentary movie login2life.

Today many shows or even serious newscasts try to shed a bad light on MMORPG’s. They say World of Warcraft makes you addicted, but seriously, can a game make YOU addicted? There must be more than that, and I can of course say that you could be addicted, but it’s not because it is WoW. The real reason is the social aspect of these games. It is about the tribute you get when you do something hard. You do as well have the feeling that you really made something. Many people including me can’t say that they are making something really cool in the real world and that is what we also want to feature in Login2Life. MMO’s can provide satisfaction, satisfaction which could not be achieved or not so easy in our real lifes. We all in the team think that MMO’s will be the future of gaming, but not only gaming, it will be also a part of our communication and life. My guiding principle for MMO’s is simple: Alone you are nothing, only together you could reach more than you ever imagine. This principle says nothing different than: You have to be SOCIAL. Imagine the whole world would be social and try to work together instead of against each other. I don’t want to say that MMO’s will make the world more social instantly, but everything counts and MMO’s will help us live together on this big planet.

Now I have to stop dreaming and come back to reality. Perhaps you know it already but christmas is coming. (If you did not know get out and buy some presents for your friends :) ) Blizzard of course knows this and they implement this event into their game (There are many other events. Check this page) . So now we celebrate the Winter Veil Feast in Azeroth (The “Planet” in World of Warcraft is called Azeroth) and Greatfather Winter visits the capital citys of the Alliance and the Horde. I will show you more in my next blog, which will be online in a few days.

PS: Today we are shooting some christmas scenes in WoW.

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Great People, Great Team!

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Hello everybody, and welcome to this Blog from me personally and on behalf of the team – which brings me to my point right away.

One thing I was dying to post here is the fact that we’ve got a great crew working with us on the project. Not only is everybody highly motivated and working their a…. (oops) off to get and keep things moving, but almost all of them are award winners in their respective professions. Daniel, our director is, of course, winner of several awards as a filmmaker. Michael, maker of this very page, is… The producers are… hey, we’re a bunch of wiz-kids!

And so it is a very special honor for us to announce that Draxtor Depres (draxtor on this blog), our researcher, musician and editor in Second Life is designated as winner of the “Every Human has Rights”-Media Award by a Paris, France, based news agency. He will travel from Pacific Grove, California, to Paris December 6th to receive this award at a ceremony with former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Congratulations. We are so proud to have you onboard!

He is getting this award for his news reporting in Second Life and especially his “Virtual Guantanamo” story, which you can watch on YouTube. You can find more information about the Every Human has Rights-Award here.

And as much as I know about the Draxtor, it will not be the last award he wins! Keep on rockin’!

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so glad to be on board!

Saturday, October 25th, 2008 | Team | 1 Comment

Finally my first post. Some may know me as Draxtor Despres in world. I am a researcher on this movie.

draxtor despres, in front of a painting by kaleo koenkamp

draxtor despres, in front of a painting by kaleo koenkamp

Others have said, what a great job Daniel did with this trailer (pieced together I believe from over 30 hours of footage) and I wanted to add some more praise: as virtual environments, synthetic worlds, whatever we shall henceforth call them, are maturing and coming into the public focus, we will have to create media to document where it began and where it was at the time the media was published.
By media I mean specifically a feature film documentary, the kind Daniel has in mind.
And now I might be in danger of sounding like a politician, possibly any (prominent?) Obama supporter: I believe Daniel Moshel and the team of producers are uniquely qualified to examine this vast topic in the form of a feature film documentary.
Yes, we had the BBC “Wonderland” TV doc, and we have “Second Skin”, but where are longform docs that look at how transformative these platforms are on a personal level without getting stuck in either the relationship angle or the profiling of obsessive gamer types?
By working with the cast we have on board now, I believe we found a cross-section of unique voices, who are able to provide a peek into a world, which still is sooooo abstract for the onlooker peering in from the mainstream.
In 10 or 20, or maybe 30 years, we and our children will look back at this time to try to find out how this disruptive technology changed interaction, communication, collaboration.
As Gentle said ” I don’t want to be alone”, and the verdict is still out if Second Life and other worlds can bring us closer together, help us overcome the human condition of feeling “apart” from something.
Question is, if technology can ever be tasked to alleviate the pain of separation, which arguably starts at birth.
But just as my grandparents watched in awe the emergence of the car and its victory over other systems of personal transit and my grandfather rejecting the telephone as a dehumanizing piece of plastic, we in the future, as we are witnessing this utter shift to unchartered territory, will be able to draw on films like “Login2Life” to serve as a timecapsule, as a document showing us how it was at the beginning and how strangely hostile some people were towards this new technology and how others reinvented themselves, tapping into creative territory, which lies, hidden sometimes, inside all of us! Thanks Daniel for bringing me on board :) (and thanks for giving me yet another bog to RAMBLE without censorship :)


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | Backstage, Team | 3 Comments

…not the movie but visitors per day! :-)

We’re very happy to create that much interest!

Meanwhile our team is spread out around the world and builds ‘Login 2 Life’. Every few minutes there’s an email, a skype- or telephone call… it’s inspiring to work on it. As this creative process is based on continuous mutual exchange, mostly performed over the web, we get a chance to experience our own unique virtual story. A story which is now almost one and a half years of age.

This blog shall enable all those interested in the documentary to follow the process of ‘the making of…’, but also to share your input with us. At this Email you can tell us your ideas, hints and questions. Of course you can also leave a comment ;-)

See ya…