Q&A “DM and his phone” Bodybits@ZDF

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YouTube DirectQ&A Video Login 2 Life for Bodybits/ZDF

After doing doc research in US, I returned home and produced over a long weekend this answering clip for the online proposal of the German broadcaster ZDF.  It was shot in the nice coffee house (a train cabin named ‘Empire’ Coffee) in Chico, CA. Thx to the great staff there allowing me to disturb (in public hours) their guests.  We are among the 25 finalists of this Bodybits online proposal. On December, 12th this year we will know if the ‘das kleine Fernsehspiel’ decision makers like our project. For me it is an exciting time. Your previously given votes should convince them (because we finished as #1 in the voting) . Thank you. Meanwhile I hope you can enjoy our new developed phone interface.-) Please send us good vibes and thoughts.

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We did it! No. – YOU DID IT!

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Thanks to your votes, Login 2 Life has made it into the final round of the Bodybits contest by ZDF. Daniel and the entire Team would like to express our thanx – you rocked our boat. What the communities just achieved is proof of concept of just that – that there is a huge community out there, ready, willing and able to share for a common cause. Sounds over the top? Nope. Virtuality just created reality and not the other way round…

Thanx again to everyone who voted for us – we’ll keep you up to date on the project’s progress and release.

Best, your Login 2 Life Team.

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VOTE FOR US before October 15th

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FINAL SPURT: We have to mobilize all efforts to win the ZDF voting. Though we are rank one or two, it won’t last without your HELP (because the others try to bring us down).  Not much time left till the voting ends.

Of course I don’t beg you guys without offering you at least something. Here you find our small motivation clip. (@Ensidia: It was great to hang out with you guys on Gamescom 2009. I hope we’ll get another oppertunity.)

It shows some impression of the Gamescom 2009. Ensidia (including Grand Master”Kungen”) was invited to perform some show raids there. If you want to get more insights of Thomas “Kungen” Bengtsson and all other chars featured in the documentary ‘Login 2 Life’ then go and support us in getting all the finances we need to produce this documentary.

Cast your VOTE for ‘Login 2 Life’ till 15th October 09 @ZDF (German Broadcaster. You can look up an English manual on how to vote on Ensidias blog or on our blog here.

YouTube DirectKungen@Gamescom2009


It seems that we are still number one. The final hours of the voting are passing by. The message is still: When you haven’t voted yet then move your a’s and vote! Here I want to link to the communities pushing us at the moment. Thank you so much!

The links are:

Of course there are lot more people to thank but this will fill a whole blogentry. For now go and vote till tomorrow(Thursday) midday (CET). THX!

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Gamescom is past…

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009 | Backstage, Cast, Common | 3 Comments

…but effects the present .-) On Sunday evening I escaped completely exhausted from the Gamescom exhibition. After one Day of doing nothing (No not nothing: I jumped in a lake and I read my emails). I finally arrived back in the office. Now I am able to present some superb trophies from the great hunt. While the most people were equipped with NCSoft bags and inflatable Conan Swords, I managed to get the following stuff from there:

  • Convention exclusive figure ‘Questgiver Fleet Master Seahorn’
  • Blizzcon exclusive gift ‘Murloc Space Marine’ will be sold on ebay
  • An extraordinary autograph on my mousepad
  • I know already, what I am doing with all this stuff. Fleet Master Seahorn will be a gift for a special buddy who also is going to appear in our documentary but couldn’t attend as far as I know the Blizzcon (20000 guests got one of these there). The ‘Space Marine Murloc’ will be sold on ebay instead of accompanying my Deathknight Obagra on his adventures(/cry). Blizzards’ CEO Mike Morhaine told the audiences that this little nice digital pet is worth more than a small car. I need the money to cover the expenses in Cologne .-) So thanks to Blizzard for making this possible.

    The last and the third thing already decorates my bedroom walls. The mouse pad shows some autographs of the best WoW guild on our lovely Earth named ‘Ensidia’. And yes, there you can read a personal message from the most famous WoW player. But see yourself! By the way,  I don’t take any offers from other Daniels trying to obtain this piece of glamour ß-)

    The reason for my visit in Cologne was to film Ensidias appearance on the Gamescom. The Focus was on Scarab Lord ‘Kungen’ aka Thomas. Here I also made the acquaintance with Hans (liQ), Bernadette (Tjani), Phil (Mek, here a link to his Gamescom blogentry), Markus (Mackzter) and Max (Fenira). Hey, It was great fun working with you guys and also spending the Saturday evening in an amusement arcade (just imagine after being brain washed on the huge Gamescom). Big shout outs also to liQ. Thank you helping me arraning all the appointments and interviews. And thx to all you guys carrying arround my heavy camera stuff, so I could focus on filming you.

    My next Blogentry will show some pics of the Gamescom. Fist of all I have to ingest (the new trendy word for the good old word “capture”) the footage. So don’t hesitate to revisit L2L soon.

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    New One-Pager online. Read our L2L concept.

    Monday, May 25th, 2009 | Backstage, Cast, Common, Development | No Comments


    Please, feel free to download our updated One Pager v2.0! Along the way check out our featured characters and the short summary of our story concept. Feedback very welcome.-)

    Soon we intend to publish a short survey. Come back here and take part in the survey. Thus you can win a premiere ticket for Login2Life for 2010 ß-)

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    Resisting stormy weather

    Thursday, May 14th, 2009 | Backstage, Development, Team | 1 Comment

    ‘I want to go with the one I love’

    I want to go with the one I love.
    I do not want to calculate the cost.
    I do not want to think about whether it’s good.
    I do not want to know whether he loves me.
    I want to go with whom I love.

    by Bertolt Brecht

    No matter what obstacles we faced in the past two years of developing the documentary ‘Login 2 Life’, we managed to overcome every single ditch. I learned that if you want something really hard you’ll get it. But I had to accept that it takes time. More than one might think. I am grateful that I am not alone. I know it sounds over the top but I want to thank my team for showing all that strength and endurance. We can be proud of what we developed. Thank you!


    Let’s Rock!

    Tuesday, January 27th, 2009 | Backstage | No Comments

    There we go, deadlines are closing in on us, thoughts are being squeezed through the bottleneck of production necessities, time is running short and THEY clearly outnumber us…    (whoever they are)

    Just the way we like it!

    No kidding, producing a movie ain’t no piece of cake, bro. Now this is it, the call for support – rally to the flag of Login 2 Life, ’cause we need all the help we can get. Spread the word, tell the story, add us to your list (only if it’s a favourable one of course), and do drop by again to get the news.

    We’re gonna be at Berlin Film Festival aka Berlinale within the next 2 weeks to promote the movie, find b2b partnership and get it out there (eventually there will be a detailed report of the behind the scenes action and all the partying with Mr. Weinstein as soon as I got some time available to share it with you).

    Btw, in case any reader of this (team-members excluded of course) should be up there and would like a meet-and-greet, just drop us a line, we’ll be there…

    Keep your fingers crossed and your thumbs up! See ya…

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    Please vote for titels….NOT .-)

    Friday, January 23rd, 2009 | Backstage, Development | 3 Comments

    I played around with the titel animation sequence login2life several months ago. Recently I found it on my harddisk and added supersound to it. I thought I should give them an audience. When principal photography start in May this year we should reconsider our titel animation. Here you can see the way how it became what it became concerning the pre trailer.

    1) Blade II poser very commercial style

    2) LED trendy “not again” style

    3) The modest ‘a bit more than Jim Jarmusch’ way

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    Happy new year

    Sunday, January 11th, 2009 | Backstage, Cast, Common, Development, Team | No Comments

    So we are back again in our working seats. That means it is time o say thank you to all friends, teammates, documentary cast, old and new cooperation partners supporting us during the last year. We are really glad to announce that we have all ingredients together to assimilate a good story and you all made this possible. It just hast to be written on blank paper. So this will be the effort of the coming two months. We keep you updated.

    Thx, thx and thx again.

    The L2L Team

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    Welcome WoW

    Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 | Backstage, Common, Team | No Comments

    And welcome all you readers round the world. I’m Andreas “Greeki” Athanasiadis and I’m the World of Warcraft researcher in the team. Perhaps you know me from events or TV shows on GIGA, but I’m not here to tell you my vita. I’d like to tell you more about World of Warcraft and how we want to involve WoW in our documentary movie login2life.

    Today many shows or even serious newscasts try to shed a bad light on MMORPG’s. They say World of Warcraft makes you addicted, but seriously, can a game make YOU addicted? There must be more than that, and I can of course say that you could be addicted, but it’s not because it is WoW. The real reason is the social aspect of these games. It is about the tribute you get when you do something hard. You do as well have the feeling that you really made something. Many people including me can’t say that they are making something really cool in the real world and that is what we also want to feature in Login2Life. MMO’s can provide satisfaction, satisfaction which could not be achieved or not so easy in our real lifes. We all in the team think that MMO’s will be the future of gaming, but not only gaming, it will be also a part of our communication and life. My guiding principle for MMO’s is simple: Alone you are nothing, only together you could reach more than you ever imagine. This principle says nothing different than: You have to be SOCIAL. Imagine the whole world would be social and try to work together instead of against each other. I don’t want to say that MMO’s will make the world more social instantly, but everything counts and MMO’s will help us live together on this big planet.

    Now I have to stop dreaming and come back to reality. Perhaps you know it already but christmas is coming. (If you did not know get out and buy some presents for your friends :) ) Blizzard of course knows this and they implement this event into their game (There are many other events. Check this page) . So now we celebrate the Winter Veil Feast in Azeroth (The “Planet” in World of Warcraft is called Azeroth) and Greatfather Winter visits the capital citys of the Alliance and the Horde. I will show you more in my next blog, which will be online in a few days.

    PS: Today we are shooting some christmas scenes in WoW.

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