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Saturday, October 25th, 2008 | Team

Finally my first post. Some may know me as Draxtor Despres in world. I am a researcher on this movie.

draxtor despres, in front of a painting by kaleo koenkamp

draxtor despres, in front of a painting by kaleo koenkamp

Others have said, what a great job Daniel did with this trailer (pieced together I believe from over 30 hours of footage) and I wanted to add some more praise: as virtual environments, synthetic worlds, whatever we shall henceforth call them, are maturing and coming into the public focus, we will have to create media to document where it began and where it was at the time the media was published.
By media I mean specifically a feature film documentary, the kind Daniel has in mind.
And now I might be in danger of sounding like a politician, possibly any (prominent?) Obama supporter: I believe Daniel Moshel and the team of producers are uniquely qualified to examine this vast topic in the form of a feature film documentary.
Yes, we had the BBC “Wonderland” TV doc, and we have “Second Skin”, but where are longform docs that look at how transformative these platforms are on a personal level without getting stuck in either the relationship angle or the profiling of obsessive gamer types?
By working with the cast we have on board now, I believe we found a cross-section of unique voices, who are able to provide a peek into a world, which still is sooooo abstract for the onlooker peering in from the mainstream.
In 10 or 20, or maybe 30 years, we and our children will look back at this time to try to find out how this disruptive technology changed interaction, communication, collaboration.
As Gentle said ” I don’t want to be alone”, and the verdict is still out if Second Life and other worlds can bring us closer together, help us overcome the human condition of feeling “apart” from something.
Question is, if technology can ever be tasked to alleviate the pain of separation, which arguably starts at birth.
But just as my grandparents watched in awe the emergence of the car and its victory over other systems of personal transit and my grandfather rejecting the telephone as a dehumanizing piece of plastic, we in the future, as we are witnessing this utter shift to unchartered territory, will be able to draw on films like “Login2Life” to serve as a timecapsule, as a document showing us how it was at the beginning and how strangely hostile some people were towards this new technology and how others reinvented themselves, tapping into creative territory, which lies, hidden sometimes, inside all of us! Thanks Daniel for bringing me on board :) (and thanks for giving me yet another bog to RAMBLE without censorship :)

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27. October 2008

HAHA..I would like to put your blogentry “upsidedown”. Thx a lot that you are a part of our team!!! I found you through Gwyneth Llewelyn’s advise ( so I guess I have thank her too!!!) Without you I would still looking for the right characters in SL. If there is somebody who knows the world of SL better than Drax, than this person lacks for sure in the ability to tell stories about its residents.
It is a pleasure to work with you and that is the reason why we’ll do our work well enough. Regardz dm

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