Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 | Backstage, Team

…not the movie but visitors per day! :-)

We’re very happy to create that much interest!

Meanwhile our team is spread out around the world and builds ‘Login 2 Life’. Every few minutes there’s an email, a skype- or telephone call… it’s inspiring to work on it. As this creative process is based on continuous mutual exchange, mostly performed over the web, we get a chance to experience our own unique virtual story. A story which is now almost one and a half years of age.

This blog shall enable all those interested in the documentary to follow the process of ‘the making of…’, but also to share your input with us. At this Email you can tell us your ideas, hints and questions. Of course you can also leave a comment ;-)

See ya…

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23. October 2008

yep, funny how the actual production workflow parallels the theme of the movie…

Vint Falken
25. October 2008

Let’s see if I can add some folks to that 300/day. Dropped a note to Massively & NWN’s Hamlet also. Looks like a very promising documentary. The best of luck! (and funding, and cast, etc…)

daniel moshel
29. December 2008

So let’s be modest. We had already more than 1500 hits on one day…thx to Vint and to GIGA TV

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